/ ˈdɔːkɪnz /


  1. DawkinsRichard1941MBritishSCIENCE: zoologist Richard. born 1941, British zoologist, noted for such works as The Selfish Gene (1976), The Blind Watchmaker (1986), The God Delusion (2006), and The Greatest Show on Earth (2009)

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Example Sentences

Lately, Richard Dawkins seems to scan the world for sore spots, take a good poke, and revel in the ensuing outcry.

Richard Dawkins recently tweeted that knowingly birthing a baby with Down syndrome is immoral.

As Kohen points out to The Daily Beast, Dawkins never actually apologizes for what he said.

In more recent tweets, Dawkins has been suggesting that with every action, we change the future children who are born.

But, eventually, Dawkins would apply it to religion in some rather questionable ways.

Dawkins had not been an hour in master's company before he knew that he had a pidgin to pluck.

Next day, his strattygam for becoming acquainted with Mr. Dawkins we exicuted; and very pritty it was.

He flung opn Mr. Dawkins's door, shouting out, "Daw my old buck, how are you?"

Not so: Dawkins won always, Mr. B. betting on his play, and giving him the very best of advice.

Thanks to poar Dawkins's five thousand pound, we were as complete gentlemen as any in Paris.