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  1. the first appearance of daylight in the morning: Dawn broke over the valley.

  2. the beginning or rise of anything; advent: the dawn of civilization.

verb (used without object)
  1. to begin to grow light in the morning: The day dawned with a cloudless sky.

  2. to begin to open or develop.

  1. to begin to be perceived (usually followed by on): The idea dawned on him.

Origin of dawn

before 1150; Middle English dawen (v.), Old English dagian, derivative of dægday; akin to Old Norse daga,Middle Dutch, Middle Low German dagen,Old High German tagēn

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  • dawnlike, adjective
  • un·dawned, adjective

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[ dawn ]

  1. a female given name.

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/ (dɔːn) /

  1. daybreak; sunrise: Related adjective: auroral

  2. the sky when light first appears in the morning

  1. the beginning of something

  1. to begin to grow light after the night

  2. to begin to develop, appear, or expand

  1. (usually foll by on or upon) to begin to become apparent (to)

Origin of dawn

Old English dagian to dawn; see day

Derived forms of dawn

  • dawnlike, adjective

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  • dawn on

also see:

  • crack of dawn
  • light dawned

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