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[ dey-dreem ]


  1. a reverie indulged in while awake.

verb (used without object)

  1. to indulge in such a reverie.

    Synonyms: woolgather, muse, dream, fantasize


/ ˈdeɪˌdriːm /


  1. a pleasant dreamlike fantasy indulged in while awake; idle reverie
  2. a pleasant scheme or wish that is unlikely to be fulfilled; pipe dream


  1. intr to have daydreams; indulge in idle fantasy
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Derived Forms

  • ˈdayˌdreamy, adjective
  • ˈdayˌdreamer, noun
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Other Words From

  • daydreamer noun
  • daydreamy adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of daydream1

First recorded in 1675–85; day + dream
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Example Sentences

If you could peer into a particle physicist’s daydream, you might spy a vision of a giant lunar particle accelerator.

For Hughes Van Ellis, Fletcher’s younger brother, who was an infant when the family left Tulsa, the prosperous Greenwood of his sister’s childhood was a daydream constructed from the stories and memories of others.

From Time

The Pong match could be held online and broadcast on Twitch, the streaming service for gamers, where Copeland has a profile and daydreams of becoming a star with thousands of followers.

I know I am not the only one with daydreams about the “next normal.”

We would lie together in his tiny bed and daydream of my postgraduation move to Boston.

From Vox

But others dismiss them, saying this is nothing but the daydream of people who long for some peace.

We tend to daydream all the time, speculating about the future and dwelling on the past.

The key is how much we can brood, and what is meant by brooding—is it to daydream, or is it to agonize over every detail?

You can, and the Kremlin wants you, to daydream inside the matrix of a sham democracy.

It made me daydream about a Mitt Romney who had a spine and what he'd say.

Do not go through life in a daydream, but keep a sharp lookout for things of interest and value.

I shoved my mind into low gear and started to think idle thoughts, letting myself sort of daydream.

To console myself I read and re-read your letters and daydream about the future.

Wholly absorbed in her daydream, Flicit Gauvrit did not perceive that she had nearly reached home.

It is a tough assignment for a child to know where a daydream ends and impossibility begins!


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