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[ deyzd ]


  1. stunned or stupefied, as by a blow or shock:

    After being struck hard on the head by a kicked ball, the dazed forward continued to play despite a painful headache.

  2. overwhelmed by something impressive; dazzled:

    It took 10 hours and 39 minutes for the Grand Master to topple the final king, leaving the chess community dazed and amazed.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of daze ( def ).

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Other Words From

  • daz·ed·ly [dey, -zid-lee], adverb
  • daz·ed·ness noun
  • half-dazed adjective
  • un·dazed adjective

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Example Sentences

Tyson employees arrived in a feverish daze, muscles failing, struggling to breathe.

In 2010, Jake Holmes sued over “Dazed and Confused,” claiming it bore a strong resemblance to his own song of the same name.

He was the guy who hit people with paddles in Dazed and Confused.

Khalid al Najar, 27, was half dazed as he walked back toward Khan Younis with a plastic bag of clothes.

Everyone was dazed by their look at death, but relieved by the opportunity to decompress.

If not for movies like Dazed and Confused, hemp would have all but disappeared from American discourse.

The Goblin stared about him in a dazed manner for a moment, and then said, "Sindbad the Sailor's house."

The violent shock dazed Malcolm for a second, but all might yet have been well were it not for an unavoidable accident.

Donny found himself, dazed and alone, upon the cross-ties, groping toward the oncoming train.

The one with the dazed look carried a small metal case that could be unfolded into a portable desk.

Even the two dazed girls helped, once they knew that an Englishman was fighting in their behalf.


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