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/ ˈdɪəlɪ /


  1. very much

    I would dearly like you to go

  2. affectionately
  3. at a great cost

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Example Sentences

An autopsy found highly toxic cyanide levels in the blood of the not-so-dearly departed.

Jordan is in an even more delicate position, and a country that ISIS would dearly like to swallow.

Before 2010, the bank essentially turned a blind eye to large cash deposits and withdrawals, which cost them dearly.

She told students the story of how she came to value education so dearly.

Right now, it is failing—and failing those of us that love it dearly.

He had once loved dearly, and he had sought to forget the one he had so loved because of the Custom of the Country and its law.

He seems to love his little master very dearly and often rides on his shoulder while Alila is working.

It happened that he loved the daughter of a neighbour very dearly and she returned his love.

In spite of the character bestowed upon her by her old friend, Mrs. Barford dearly loved a bit of gossip.

The invitation had been most tempting to her who so dearly loved to see new places and new people, but—her answer still was: "No."


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