death match

or death·match

[ deth-mach ]

  1. Professional Wrestling. a type of wrestling match in which dangerous objects such as nail-studded props, glass, and barbed wire are allowed in a graphically brutal and bloody spectacle.

  2. a genre of multiplayer video game in which a player’s goal is to kill or otherwise eliminate opponents’ player characters from the match.

  1. a literal or metaphorical fight to the death in which a combatant becomes the victor by eliminating one or more enemies: The slasher film Freddy vs. Jason pits the two horror icons against each other in a gory death match. In a pizza topping death match, who would win—classic pepperoni or exotic pineapple?

Origin of death match

First recorded in 1955–60 for def. 1, in 1970–75 for def. 3, and in 1990–95 for def. 2

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