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death penalty

death penalty


  1. the death penalty
    capital punishment

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Example Sentences

Liberals are trying to outlaw the death penalty while trying to enshrine into law the right to use marijuana.

Virginia’s governor says he supports legalizing marijuana Both issues mark a sharp change for a longtime conservative state, but abolishing the death penalty has drawn far more emotional debate.

The bill to abolish the death penalty provoked a far harsher political response.

Lisa Montgomery was executed in Indiana early Wednesday morning, becoming the first woman to die under the federal death penalty in nearly seven decades.

Convicted murderers eligible for the death penalty typically have a history of other aggravated crimes.

The only great thing he did as governor was to insist that the death penalty was just wrong.

He rebuffed calls to institute the death penalty, and his last term as governor ended in his defeat.

Its blasphemy law, which carries the death penalty, is frequently invoked and just as frequently misused.

It was the moment that led Ryan to order a moratorium on the death penalty in Illinois.

In the dense atmosphere of tobacco and conspiracy, one hot topic has been the death penalty.

Such was the temper of the time, that had he been captured alive he would surely have suffered the formal legal death penalty.

His sentence of the death penalty was then in accord with the judgment of the best mental experts.

Any man found away from his post from this point on is in open mutiny and can expect the death penalty.

The death penalty, the usual decree of the court, was generally inflicted by hanging.

With savage glee he inflicted the death penalty on his foe, and went on his way exulting.


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