death rate

[ deth reyt ]

death rate


  1. the ratio of deaths in a specified area, group, etc, to the population of that area, group, etc Also called (esp US)mortality rate

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Word History and Origins

Origin of death rate1

First recorded in 1855–60

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Example Sentences

States in the middle of the pack have seen a death rate of around 1 in 800 dead.

From Axios

With patchy data on their hands, the researchers think that the real death rate may very well be even higher.

Variola minor had similar symptoms but was much less deadly, with death rates around 1 percent.

From Vox

The data was analyzed and standardized using the statistical program R, which The Post used to identify the spread of the virus and as well as infection and death rates.

If I was an 8-year-old in 1842, I would have seen dozens of corpses by the time that I was an adult, because not only did the family take care of their own dead, but there was a higher death rate at the time.

In a survey of 28 states, the agency found the death rate increased from 1.0 to 2.1 per 100,000.

And increased coverage explained 88% of the variance in death rate— an extremely strong correlation.

So even though cardiovascular death rate has decreased in the last decade, our disease burden remains unacceptably high (PDF).

By one estimate I've seen, hypertension control has cut the death rate from stroke in half, and from heart attacks by a third.

New research shows the American maternal death rate is far higher than in other Western nations.

Earth's birth and death rate are stable, and there's enough for everyone.

Notice also the rise in the death rate when the young Cuban Republic took control.

A declining birth rate may be redeemed by a declining death rate and the superior progeny of mature marriage.

But for the English we probably would not have known the means of eradicating malaria; the death rate would have been great.

Even when public opinion is more civilized, natural cowardice will keep the death-rate down.


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