[ deth-fuhl ]
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  1. deadly; fatal.

  2. resembling death; deathlike.

Origin of deathful

First recorded in 1200–50, deathful is from the Middle English word deethful.See death, -ful

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How to use deathful in a sentence

  • Wherefore hath untimely sorrow like a darksome cloud above, Cast its pale and deathful shadow on the children of my love?

    Maha-bharata | Anonymous
  • But bold Krishna drove his chariot, whispered unto him his plan, Arjun placed the young Sikhandin in the deathful battle's van!

    Maha-bharata | Anonymous
  • Dawned a day of mighty slaughter and of dread and deathful war, Ancient Bhishma, in his anger drove once more his sounding car!

    Maha-bharata | Anonymous
  • Kurus knew the vow of Arjun, heard the sankha's deathful blare, As it rose above the red field, thrilled the startled morning air!

    Maha-bharata | Anonymous
  • Shall Duryodhan like a recreant now avoid the deathful strife, After all his bravest warriors have in war surrendered life?

    Maha-bharata | Anonymous