[ deev ]

verb (used with object),deaved, deav·ing.Chiefly Scot.
  1. to make deaf; deafen.

Origin of deave

before 1050; Middle English deven,Old English -dēafian (in ādēafian to grow deaf; see a-3)

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How to use deave in a sentence

  • Mr. deave, being informed of the circumstance, thought so too, but offered to buy one of the tickets.

  • His foreman took them out of his pocket and gave Mr. deave his choice.

  • For guid sake, Tammie, haud your tongue; dinna deave the ladies.

    Merkland | Mrs. Oliphant
  • Mr. deave, however, said he would make no choice, and bought the one offered to him.

  • And as for that glorious Katrine, I'll deave her ears with your name!

    Katrine | Elinor Macartney Lane

British Dictionary definitions for deave


/ (diːv) /

verb(tr) Scot
  1. to deafen

  2. to bewilder or weary (a person) with noise

Origin of deave

Old English dēafian

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