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[dih-boosh, -bouch]
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verb (used without object)
  1. to march out from a narrow or confined place into open country, as a body of troops: The platoon debouched from the defile into the plain.
  2. Physical Geography.
    1. to emerge from a relatively narrow valley upon an open plain: A river or glacier debouches on the plains.
    2. to flow from a small valley into a larger one.
  3. to come forth; emerge.
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  1. débouché.
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Origin of debouch

1655–65; < French déboucher, equivalent to dé- dis-1 + -boucher, verbal derivative of bouche mouth < Latin bucca cheek, jaw
Can be confuseddebauch debouch
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pound, patrol, parade, move, file, traipse, proceed, space, boot, tramp, progress, stomp, strut, promenade, step, journey, tread, advance, mount, pace

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Historical Examples of debouch

  • The regiments destined for the expedition began to debouch from the city.

    The Man in the Iron Mask

    Alexandre Dumas, Pere

  • But that any of these passages should debouch beyond the Roman lines had not occurred to them.

    For the Temple

    G. A. Henty

  • The seas are getting larger as we debouch into the Atlantic.

  • Their debouch upon the plains of the Illinois has already been mentioned.

  • Meanwhile, the 1st Corps crossed Rheims, with orders to debouch at Btheny.

British Dictionary definitions for debouch


  1. (intr) (esp of troops) to move into a more open space, as from a narrow or concealed place
  2. (intr) (of a river, glacier, etc) to flow from a valley into a larger area or body
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  1. Also called: débouché (French debuʃe) fortifications an outlet or passage, as for the exit of troops
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Word Origin for debouch

C18: from French déboucher, from dé- dis 1 + bouche mouth, from Latin bucca cheek
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