/ (ˈdiːsənsɪz) /

pl n
  1. the decencies those things that are considered necessary for a decent life

  2. standards of behaviour considered correct by polite society; proprieties

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How to use decencies in a sentence

  • Mr. Lucas has been, and gone, and there is not much beyond the decencies of ordinary sentiment to be got from him.

    A Thin Ghost and Others | M. R. (Montague Rhodes) James
  • It was very proper that the United States government should thus outrage the common decencies of judicial process.

  • The man was perpetually defying the decencies and delicacies which were as perfume in Braybrooke's nostrils.

    December Love | Robert Hichens
  • By our long sitting together, we lose, by our familiarity and acquaintance, the decencies of the house.

    Andrew Marvell | Augustine Birrell
  • He respects the decencies of life, and does not strike below the belt, or creep down the back of your neck.

    Little Rivers | Henry van Dyke