decimal fraction

[ des-uh-muhl frak-shuhn, des-muhl ]

  1. a fraction whose denominator is some power of 10, usually indicated by a decimal point placed before the numerator, as 0.4 = 4/10; 0.126 = 126/1000.

Origin of decimal fraction

First recorded in 1650–60

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How to use decimal fraction in a sentence

  • You get an endless decimal fraction for quotient when your division does not work out evenly.

    Creditors; Pariah | August Strindberg
  • Expressed as a vulgar fraction it is 2/3; but as a decimal fraction it is .6666 ad infinitum.

    The Hidden Power | Thomas Troward
  • We do all this consciously, in full statistical knowledge to a decimal fraction.

    Impressions And Comments | Havelock Ellis
  • He was an engineer and a soldier, and his La Disme was the first separate treatise on the decimal fraction.

  • Can the same words mean both a common fraction and a decimal fraction?

    The Psychology of Arithmetic | Edward L. Thorndike

British Dictionary definitions for decimal fraction

decimal fraction

  1. another name for decimal (def. 1)

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Scientific definitions for decimal fraction

decimal fraction

  1. A decimal having no digits to the left of the decimal point except zero, such as 0.2 or 0.00354.

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