[ dih-sizh-uhn ]
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  1. the act or process of deciding; determination, as of a question or doubt, by making a judgment: They must make a decision between these two contestants.

  2. the act of or need for making up one's mind:This is a difficult decision.

  1. something that is decided; resolution: She made a poor decision when she dropped out of school.

  2. a judgment, as one formally pronounced by a court: It is the decision of this court that the appeal is granted.

  3. the quality of being decided; firmness: He spoke with decision and calm authority.

  4. the final score in any sport or contest: The decision was 5 to 4 in favor of the home team.

  5. Boxing. the awarding of a victory in a match not decided by a knockout or technical knockout, usually through a vote of the referee and judges.

verb (used with object)
  1. Boxing. to win a victory over (one's opponent) by a point score rather than a knockout.

Origin of decision

First recorded in 1425–75; late Middle English decisioun, from Middle French, from Latin dēcīsiōn-, stem of dēcīsiō “a cutting off,” equivalent to dēcīs(us) (past participle of dēcīdere “to cut off”; see decide) + -iō -ion

Other words for decision

Other words from decision

  • de·ci·sion·al, adjective
  • non·de·ci·sion, noun
  • pre·de·ci·sion, noun
  • re·de·ci·sion, noun
  • sub·de·ci·sion, noun

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British Dictionary definitions for decision


/ (dɪˈsɪʒən) /

  1. a judgment, conclusion, or resolution reached or given; verdict

  2. the act of making up one's mind

  1. firmness of purpose or character; determination

Origin of decision

C15: from Old French, from Latin dēcīsiō, literally: a cutting off; see decide

Derived forms of decision

  • decisional, adjective

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