or de·colle·tage

[ dey-kol-tahzh, -kol-uh-, dek-uh-luh-; French dey-kawl-tazh ]
/ ˌdeɪ kɒlˈtɑʒ, -kɒl ə-, ˌdɛk ə lə-; French deɪ kɔlˈtaʒ /


the neckline of a dress cut low in the front or back and often across the shoulders.
a décolleté garment or costume.

Origin of décolletage

1890–95; < French, equivalent to décollet(er) (see décolleté + -age -age

Can be confused

décolletage décolleté dishabille
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Examples from the Web for decolletage

  • It was a little full across the chest, but the decolletage sat snugly over her uncovered bosom.

    Pelle the Conqueror, Complete|Martin Anderson Nexo
  • She was really on probation for higher levels; it was her decolletage delayed her.

    Soul of a Bishop|H. G. Wells
  • The plain, well-made dress will oust the ribbon and the decolletage.

    What is Coming?|H. G. Wells

British Dictionary definitions for decolletage


/ (ˌdeɪkɒlˈtɑːʒ, French dekɔltaʒ) /


a low-cut neckline or a woman's garment with a low neck

Word Origin for décolletage

C19: from French; see décolleté
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