[ adjective dih-kuhs-eyt, -it; verb dih-kuhs-eyt, dek-uh-seyt ]
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  1. in the form of an X; crossed; intersected.

  2. Botany. arranged along the stem in pairs, each pair at right angles to the pair next above or below, as leaves.

verb (used without object),de·cus·sat·ed, de·cus·sat·ing.
  1. to intersect; cross in the form of an X: About 75 percent of these nerve fibers decussate in the medulla.

Origin of decussate

First recorded in 1650–60; from Latin decussātus “divided in the form of an X” (past participle of decussāre ), equivalent to Latin decuss(is) “the numeral ten,” originally, “a ten-as weight,” supposedly from unrecorded dec(-em) assis ); see origin at ten, as2, -ate1

Other words from decussate

  • de·cus·sate·ly, adverb

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How to use decussate in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for decussate


  1. to cross or cause to cross in the form of the letter X; intersect

adjective(dɪˈkʌseɪt, dɪˈkʌsɪt)
  1. in the form of the letter X; crossed; intersected

  2. botany (esp of leaves) arranged in opposite pairs, with each pair at right angles to the one above and below it

Origin of decussate

C17: from Latin decussāre, from decussis the number ten, from decem ten

Derived forms of decussate

  • decussately, adverb
  • decussation, noun

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