[ verb ded-i-keyt; adjective ded-i-kit ]
/ verb 藞d蓻d 瑟藢ke瑟t; adjective 藞d蓻d 瑟 k瑟t /
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verb (used with object), ded路i路cat路ed, ded路i路cat路ing.
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The rainy weather could not ________ my elated spirits on my graduation day.
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Origin of dedicate

First recorded in 1375鈥1425; late Middle English (verb and adjective) from Latin d膿dic膩tus, past participle of d膿dic膩re 鈥渢o declare, devote,鈥 equivalent to d膿- 鈥渇rom, away, out of鈥 + dic膩re 鈥渢o indicate, consecrate,鈥 akin to d墨cere 鈥渢o say, speak鈥; see de-, dictate)

synonym study for dedicate

1. See devote.


ded路i路ca路tor, nouno路ver路ded路i路cate, verb (used with object), o路ver路ded路i路cat路ed, o路ver路ded路i路cat路ing.pre路ded路i路cate, verb (used with object), pre路ded路i路cat路ed, pre路ded路i路cat路ing.re路ded路i路cate, verb (used with object), re路ded路i路cat路ed, re路ded路i路cat路ing.
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How to use dedicate in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for dedicate

/ (藞d蓻d瑟藢ke瑟t) /

verb (tr)
(often foll by to) to devote (oneself, one's time, etc) wholly to a special purpose or cause; commit wholeheartedly or unreservedly
(foll by to) to address or inscribe (a book, artistic performance, etc) to a person, cause, etc as a token of affection or respect
(foll by to) to request or play (a record) on radio for another person as a greeting
to assign or allocate to a particular project, function, etc
to set apart for a deity or for sacred uses; consecrate
an archaic word for dedicated

Derived forms of dedicate

dedicatee, noundedicator, noundedicatory (藞d蓻d瑟藢ke瑟t蓹r瑟, 藞d蓻d瑟k蓹t蓹r瑟, -tr瑟) or dedicative, adjective

Word Origin for dedicate

C15: from Latin d膿dic膩re to announce, from dic膩re to make known, variant of d墨cere to say
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