deep cut

[ deep-kuht ]

  1. a song that is less widely played and less well-known than other songs on the same album or by the same artist: The band performed a fan-favorite deep cut as part of their encore, and the crowd went wild!

  2. anything, but especially media such as a television show, movie, video game, or book, that is not well-known to the general public, but has a fan base or cult following: This list of the top 25 horror films of all time has some deep cuts I’d never seen before.

  1. a reference to a television show, movie, video game, book, etc., that would be appreciated or understood only by fellow fans, similar to an homage or inside joke: My husband’s joke about how he plays sax and I play clarinet, so our kids should learn to play piano and drums and then we can start our own Mos Eisley cantina band is a pretty deep cut.

Origin of deep cut

First recorded in 2005–10

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How to use deep cut in a sentence

  • I marked that beneath this hole there was a deep cut in the door, as though a great nail had been driven in.

    The White Company | Arthur Conan Doyle