deep design

  1. (often capitals)

    • a design process used in architecture, town planning, engineering, interior design, etc, the goal of which is to appeal not only to the thoughts and feelings of the conscious mind but also the visual imagery of the unconscious, while also aiming for sustainability

    • (as modifier): deep-design thinking

Derived forms of deep design

  • deep designer, noun

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How to use deep design in a sentence

  • So extraordinary was his conduct that his officers began to believe he had some deep design.

    Monk | Julian Corbett
  • She distrusted their specious seeming of spontaneity, she suspected a deep design behind them all.

    Red Masquerade | Louis Joseph Vance
  • There is another method which has been found particularly satisfactory in working a deep design on the board of a book-binding.

    The Decoration of Leather | Georges de Rcy
  • Then was formed the deep design to compel the repeal of the purchasing clause of the Sherman law.

    The Arena | Various
  • Thus spoke the demon; and having chanted the incantation, full of menace and of deep design, he turned to depart.

    Wagner, the Wehr-Wolf | George W. M. Reynolds