[ vee-uh-muhnt ]
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  1. zealous; ardent; impassioned: a vehement defense;vehement enthusiasm.

  2. characterized by rancor or anger; violent: vehement hostility.

  1. strongly emotional; intense or passionate: vehement desire.

  2. marked by great energy or exertion; strenuous: vehement clapping.

Origin of vehement

First recorded in 1475–85; from Latin vehement-, stem of vehemēns, vēmēns “violent, forceful”; of uncertain derivation

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Other words from vehement

  • ve·he·ment·ly, adverb
  • non·ve·he·ment, adjective
  • o·ver·ve·he·ment, adjective
  • un·ve·he·ment, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for vehement


/ (ˈviːɪmənt) /

  1. marked by intensity of feeling or conviction; emphatic

  2. (of actions, gestures, etc) characterized by great energy, vigour, or force; furious

Origin of vehement

C15: from Latin vehemēns ardent; related to vehere to carry

Derived forms of vehement

  • vehemence, noun
  • vehemently, adverb

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