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[ em-fat-ik ]


  1. uttered, or to be uttered, with emphasis; strongly expressive.
  2. using emphasis in speech or action.
  3. forceful; insistent:

    a big, emphatic man; I must be emphatic about this particular.

    Synonyms: definite, unequivocal, decided, pronounced, forcible, energetic, positive

    Antonyms: weak

  4. very impressive or significant; strongly marked; striking:

    the emphatic beauty of sunset.

  5. clearly or boldly outlined:

    It stands, like a great, stone dagger, emphatic against the sky.

  6. Grammar. of or relating to a form used to add emphasis, especially, in English, stressed auxiliary do in affirmative statements, as in He did call you or I do like it.
  7. Phonetics. having a secondary velar articulation, as certain dental consonants in Arabic.


  1. an emphatic consonant.


/ ɪmˈfætɪk /


  1. expressed, spoken, or done with emphasis
  2. forceful and positive; definite; direct

    an emphatic personality

  3. sharp or clear in form, contour, or outline
  4. important or significant; stressed

    the emphatic points in an argument

  5. phonetics denoting certain dental consonants of Arabic that are pronounced with accompanying pharyngeal constriction


  1. phonetics an emphatic consonant, as used in Arabic

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Other Words From

  • em·phati·cal·ly adverb
  • em·phati·cal·ness noun
  • unem·phatic adjective
  • unem·phati·cal·ly adverb

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Word History and Origins

Origin of emphatic1

1700–10; < Greek emphatikós indicative, forceful, equivalent to *emphat ( ós ) ( em- em- 2 + phatós, variant of phantós visible, equivalent to phan-, stem of phaínesthai to appear + -tos adj. suffix) + -ikos -ic

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Word History and Origins

Origin of emphatic1

C18: from Greek emphatikos expressive, forceful, from emphainein to exhibit, display, from phainein to show

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Example Sentences

For the British grassroots initiative RunEqual, the answer to that question is an emphatic “yes.”

Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2021 menswear show was an emphatic note to self.

From Miami to Manhattan, hospital leaders and public officials have been equally emphatic.

In expressing emphatic support for the protests, the West meanwhile ignores Beijing’s hard-wired national security fears over Hong Kong.

From Time

Hanging over the process is the fact that Netanyahu's emphatic rejection of any deal in 2015 effectively sidelined Israel as Barack Obama sealed the previous deal.

From Axios

The adjudication of the Daily Beast office was clear and emphatic: penguin, penguin, penguin.

The CDC too, has been emphatic in their promotion of the technique.

At the 92Y talk, de la Renta was emphatic about the future of his label.

It is a creepy sound, inhumanly high-pitched and strangely clipped and emphatic: “S-s-eeg maheevoh s-s-speeree.”

With a commanding voice and an emphatic, Emeril-esque “WOW!”

He sang the words with an odd, emphatic slowness, turning to look at Lettice between the phrases.

The merest acquaintance would have said something more emphatic than "I will, thank you; good-by," to such a request.

He had the military trick of putting an emphatic order in the fewest and simplest words.

She had once been almost as emphatic in expressing herself upon the subject as the corner grocer.

The emphatic al places the alchemist as much above the ordinary chemist as the gold which he obtains is superior to other metals.


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