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deep pockets

plural noun

  1. an abundance of money or wealth.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of deep pockets1

First recorded in 1975–80

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Example Sentences

But the fact that these requests come from such huge organizations with deep pockets raises troubling questions.

Deep pockets of poverty in Sunni border areas make people vulnerable to recruitment.

According to the cable, Yanukovych was “tapping the deep pockets of Donetsk clan godfather Rinat Akhmetov.”

Investigators must have long views, deep pockets, and infinite patience to try and try again.

But he also has the constraints that face those without the deep pockets of a corporate sponsor.

Uncle Philip dove into his deep pockets with both hands, and soon the wonderful, coveted object really came to light.

Carmencita's hands were stuck in the deep pockets of her long coat, and again her big blue eyes were raised to her friend's.

She slipped her hands into the deep pockets and snuggled down into its folds.

Donning a heavy coat and slipping a flashlight into one of the deep pockets, she left the house.

It took the deep pockets of our private capitalists to do that, and often exhausted even them before the returns came in.





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