or deep fake

[ deep-feyk ]


  1. a fake, digitally manipulated video or audio file produced by using deep learning, an advanced type of machine learning, and typically featuring a person’s likeness and voice in a situation that did not actually occur:

    Pornographic deepfakes have caused real harm to women whose faces have been superimposed over those of porn actresses.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of deepfake1

First recorded in 2015–20; deep (learning) ( def ) + fake 1( def )

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Example Sentences

It’s become far too easy to make deepfake nudes of any woman.

After exploring many methods to conceal their identities, director David France settled on giving them deepfake “covers.”

Broadly, deepfakes are a type of “synthetic media’” that has been manipulated or created by artificial intelligence.

This animation process is similar to what you’ll find powering deepfake apps, like those that can stick your mug onto an actor in a clip from a movie.

There are also many cases in which deepfakes have been used to target celebrities and other high-profile individuals.


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