Deer Park


  1. a town on central Long Island, in SE New York.
  2. a town in S Texas.

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Example Sentences

The Deer Park By Norman Mailer I want books you would enjoy reading even if you knew next to nothing about the movies.

Incidentally, Jimbo, The Deer Park is going to make you ill.

I finally finished The Deer Park, and a trip like that I never want again.

We did stay in a place once where there was a deer-park, and also private theatricals.

The hind which has probably left her calf lying in her bed, will run a big ring out to the Deer Park and back.

In the deer park is situated the famous Monatsschlsschen upon a wooded knoll, from which a fine view is obtainable.

It is surrounded by a large deer park, and owes its origin to the Archbishop Marcus Sittich in 1613.

Close by the Richmond gate is one of the sweetest bits in this thickly-wooded domain—the old Deer Park.





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