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  1. John, 1804–86, U.S. inventor and manufacturer of farm implements.

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She and thousands of Deere factory workers had spent the previous 18 months reporting for their shifts in face masks, risking infection with the coronavirus because farm equipment had been declared essential to the economy.

A statement from the United Auto Workers said unionized Deere workers rejected the contract offer 55 percent to 45 percent.

Three years ago, Deere bought machine-learning startup Blue River Technology for $305 million to accelerate its efforts.

From Fortune

An X-9, as the new machine is called, can harvest a field 45% faster than Deere’s older equipment lacking the automated system and it uses 20% less fuel.

From Fortune

So far, the tech battle is largely between established ag giants like Deere and Bayer’s Monsanto, and startups backed by venture capital.

From Fortune

But that was a long time ago when it housed the J.W. Deere Plow Company.

John Deere had an ad that was like Green Acres, a city slicker on his new sit-down tractor.

Again, in Lyly's "Euphues," p. 33: "That far fet and deere bought, is good for ladies."

For then they had bene entrapped as Deere in a toile; then not one of them could haue escaped.

John Deere had not invented his steel plough, nor Howe his sewing-machine, nor Hoe his printing-press.

Instead of deere, one of them would substitute geer; and another cheer.

Doe men choose the forwardest Deere in the heard, and the liveliest Colt in the drove?


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