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  1. protection or shielding from hostile ground observation and flat projecting fire provided by an artificial or natural obstacle, as a hill.
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verb (used with object), def·i·lad·ed, def·i·lad·ing.
  1. to shield from enemy fire by using natural or artificial obstacles.
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Origin of defilade

1820–30; < French défil(er), orig. to unthread (equivalent to dé- dis-1 + (en)filer to thread ≪ Latin fīlum thread) + French -ade -ade1
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  1. protection provided by obstacles against enemy crossfire from the rear, or observation
  2. the disposition of defensive fortifications to produce this protection
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verb (tr)
  1. to provide protection for by defilade
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Word Origin for defilade

C19: see de-, enfilade
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Word Origin and History for defilade


1828, from defile (n.) + -ade.

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