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[ dih-fahy-ning ]


  1. decisive; critically important:

    Taking a course in architecture was a defining turn in her life.

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Other Words From

  • nonde·fining adjective
  • self-de·fining adjective

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Example Sentences

But if that is the low bar for defining a war, then I hope the draft is reinstated.

She said the defining characteristic of her husband was his sensitivity.

This is a forum for the voices defining the global struggle for justice.

Were you defining yourself as a fiction writer then, or did you already envision writing essays like the ones in The Unspeakable?

But the October 1964 telecast is still regarded as the defining Ronald Reagan speech.

In many states statutes exist defining their right to sue and be sued, and their liability to creditors.

Then followed various clauses defining the duties and authority with which Mr. Hunt, as Manager, was invested.

Experience has led the parties to make stipulations defining and fixing their liability.

There was no possible answer to this defining of our relative positions and there was no more controversy.

Instead of defining form engaged in matter, it indicates what is the composite of soul and body, after the union has occurred.





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