a Scot word for dead

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Examples from the Web for deid

Historical Examples of deid

  • I think whiles I'm jist like are o' them 'at ye ca' deid: I'm no awa; I'm only deid!

    Heather and Snow

    George MacDonald

  • Gien it hadna been for you, I wud have been deid: I was waur nor deid a'ready!

    Heather and Snow

    George MacDonald

  • I warnt him against it, an' I telt him his ither wumman was deid but sax months.

    St. Cuthbert's

    Robert E. Knowles

  • Ma heart's no' so saft as to permit a bit dog to scandalize the deid.

    Greyfriars Bobby

    Eleanor Atkinson

  • If he'd kept ben the hoose he'd no' be lyin' deid the nicht.

    Tam O' The Scoots

    Edgar Wallace