[ del-i-teer-ee-uhs ]
/ ˌdɛl ɪˈtɪər i əs /


injurious to health: deleterious gases.
harmful; injurious: deleterious influences.

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Origin of deleterious

1635–45; < Greek dēlētḗrios destructive, adj. derivative of dēlētḗr destroyer, equivalent to dēlē- variant stem of dēleîsthai to hurt, injure + -tēr agent suffix + -ios adj. suffix; see -ious

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British Dictionary definitions for deleterious


/ (ˌdɛlɪˈtɪərɪəs) /


harmful; injurious; hurtful
Derived Formsdeleteriously, adverbdeleteriousness, noun

Word Origin for deleterious

C17: from New Latin dēlētērius, from Greek dēlētērios injurious, destructive, from dēleisthai to hurt

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Word Origin and History for deleterious



1640s, from Medieval Latin deleterius, from Greek deleterios "noxious," from deleter "destroyer," from deleisthai "to hurt, injure." Related: Deleteriously; deleteriousness.

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Medicine definitions for deleterious


[ dĕl′ĭ-tîrē-əs ]


Having a harmful effect; injurious.

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