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[ dih-lin-ee-ey-tid ]


  1. precisely traced or outlined:

    The crisply delineated form of the arch stands out against the soft clouds of steam that rise from the courtyard.

  2. precisely defined or explained:

    The Shire ends at clearly delineated boundaries.

    Checklists are used to promote the recording and verification of delineated steps in tasks that, if improperly completed, could result in dangerous or damaging outcomes.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of delineate ( def ).

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  • un·de·lin·e·at·ed adjective
  • well-de·lin·e·at·ed adjective

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Example Sentences

Under the standard delineated by the justices in the Boren case, such a law can be justified only if it is substantially related to an important governmental interest.

Designers recommend installing curtains, floor screens, doors, or even working in a closet to delineate a barrier from the rest of our lives.

From Quartz

Datalog is used to delineate possible events that can occur in a time series based on events that have already occurred.

From Fortune

It bars LGBT staff and students, and requires job applicants to agree that marriage unites one man with one woman “in a single, exclusive covenant union as delineated in Scripture.”

That information could be the distance to a car you’re following, or markers delineating the edge of the road in low-light situations, or navigation help via directional arrows that work a bit like the optimal racing line overlay in games like Forza.

The Persian frontier was the only firmly delineated border, asserted by mountains.

The parcel is 2.15 hectares (about 5.3 acres) and has been mapped out and delineated in this exact size since the year 1507.

That would help demonstrate that ridesharing and clearly delineated liability are fully compatible.

He characterizes it as a “well-delineated sac,” stretching from 8.1 to 33 millimeters.

Nowadays, the last thing a politician wants is to appear in the public mind as a coherent figure delineated by conviction.

That of Bontius is more simple and more true; but the inferior part of the legs is badly delineated.

The process of dying has been considerately delineated by Chaucer.

His representations of human nature both true and impressive ; he delineated both its intellect and passion .

The annexed plate represents a small animal of the opossum kind, which has not before been delineated.

My Lords, is this a magistrate of the same description as the sovereign delineated by Mr. Hastings?