delivery system


  1. any means or process for conveying a product or service to a recipient.
  2. any means or technology for administering a drug to a patient.
  3. the technology for conveying a nuclear weapon to a target.

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Example Sentences

The medium might be in trouble, but the conservative message is already moving to new delivery systems.

A restaurant owner doesn’t have to build their own intricate delivery system or even be particularly tech-savvy to avoid the big apps.

From Eater

Exercise also helps to build healthy immune systems, and fitness centers are a critical piece of the health care delivery system to prevent chronic diseases.

From Fortune

Their authorization ushers in a new era of pharmaceuticals as companies capitalize on medicines made with nucleic acids and specialized delivery systems.

From Quartz

Essential details and logistics are shared up front, but interviews and stories turn each book from an information delivery system to an intriguing read.

Yet the dollars and the science and the need and even the delivery system are here, right under our noses.

Clinical trials will test dosages, and perhaps a better delivery system can be found.

Currently, this is not implemented in our health-care delivery system or in community-based programs in any meaningful way.

But the perception of him as a man without convictions made him a less-than-effective delivery system for policy contrasts.

Significantly, the chief problem is not a lack of money, but an ineffective delivery system.

Having a well developed delivery system and a liberal loaning policy, we encourage the policy of a strong central library.

The special delivery system was also introduced, and will be treated of later.

In 1899 the free rural delivery system was adopted, giving general satisfaction to the residents.

It will permit the more rapid extension of the free-delivery system by affording a larger basis for its sustenance.

After awhile we established what is known as the free-delivery system.





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