[ del-fin-ee-uhm ]
/ d蓻l藞f瑟n i 蓹m /
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noun, plural del路phin路i路ums, del路phin路i路a [del-fin-ee-uh]. /d蓻l藞f瑟n i 蓹/.
any of numerous plants of the genus Delphinium, especially any of various tall, cultivated species having usually blue, pink, or white flowers.
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Compare larkspur.

Origin of delphinium

1655鈥65; <New Latin <Greek delph墨虂nion larkspur, derivative of delph墨虂s (stem delph墨n-) dolphin; so called from the shape of the nectary
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What does delphinium mean?

A delphinium is a tall plant with blue, purple, pink, or white flowers. The flower itself is also commonly called a delphinium.

The plural is delphiniums or delphinia.

The genus Delphinium includes more than 300 species, and any of these can be referred to as a delphinium. Another name for the delphinium is larkspur (though not all flowers referred to as larkspurs are in the genus Delphinium). Delphiniums are part of the family Ranunculaceae.

Delphinium is one of the July birth flowers (a flower that鈥檚 associated with a particular month in the same way as a birthstone). The blue variety is popular in bouquets.

Example: I planted delphiniums behind the rose bush to give it a nice backdrop.

Where does delphinium come from?

The first records of the word delphinium in English come from the mid-1600s. It comes from the Greek delph墨虂nion, a derivative of delph墨虂s, meaning 鈥渄olphin.鈥 Its name comes from the shape of the flower鈥檚 nectary (the part that nectar comes out of), which resembles a dolphin.

Delphiniums are often planted in gardens for their height and the beauty of their flowers. They typically bloom from late spring to early summer. However, they have a reputation for being difficult to maintain, especially in hot, dry weather.

All species of delphinium are highly toxic to both humans and animals if ingested.

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What are some other forms related to delphinium?

  • delphiniums (plural)
  • delphinia (plural)

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How is delphinium used in real life?

Delphiniums are popular in gardens and in bouquets. The blue variety is especially popular.

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Delphiniums are poisonous if eaten.

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British Dictionary definitions for delphinium

/ (d蓻l藞f瑟n瑟蓹m) /

noun plural -iums or -ia (-瑟蓹)
any ranunculaceous plant of the genus Delphinium: many varieties are cultivated as garden plants for their spikes of blue, pink, or white spurred flowersSee also larkspur

Word Origin for delphinium

C17: New Latin, from Greek delphinion larkspur, from delphis dolphin, referring to the shape of the nectary
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