[ dem-ee-dey-too r-ney; French duh-mee-dey-toor-ney ]
/ ˌdɛm iˌdeɪ tʊərˈneɪ; French də mi deɪ turˈneɪ /

noun, plural dem·i-dé·tour·nés [dem-ee-dey-too r-neyz; French duh-mee-dey-toor-ney] /ˌdɛm iˌdeɪ tʊərˈneɪz; French də mi deɪ turˈneɪ/. Ballet.

a turn in which the dancer on pointe or demi-pointe completes a half turn toward the back foot and lowers the heels, with the back foot finishing in front.

Origin of demi-détourné

< French, equivalent to demi- demi- + détourné, past participle of détourner to turn away; see de-, turn Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019