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[ dih-mok-ruh-tahyz ]

verb (used with or without object)

, de·moc·ra·tized, de·moc·ra·tiz·ing.
  1. to make or become democratic.


/ dɪˈmɒkrəˌtaɪz /


  1. tr to make democratic

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Derived Forms

  • deˌmocratiˈzation, noun

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Other Words From

  • de·mocra·ti·zation noun
  • de·mocra·tizer noun
  • de-de·mocra·ti·zation noun
  • de-de·mocra·tize verb dedemocratized dedemocratizing
  • rede·mocra·ti·zation noun
  • rede·mocra·tize verb redemocratized redemocratizing
  • unde·mocra·ti·zation noun
  • unde·mocra·tize verb (used with object) undemocratized undemocratizing

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Word History and Origins

Origin of democratize1

1790–1800; < French démocratiser, equivalent to démocrate democrat + -iser -ize

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Example Sentences

Today, this mobile money infrastructure and reach allows startups to build upon their existing payment infrastructure to democratize access through different applications.

Ultimately, however, publicly owned and democratized alternatives to profit-driven outlets are a more systemic — and more permanent — fix.

This idea that he has democratized his Blackness has at times muddied the popular view of him.

This seems especially relevant during a pandemic, when we’re trying not to be around a lot of people in enclosed spaces—but take away the pandemic, and AR is still an exciting way to democratize access to art.

This democratizes smaller brands’ ability to appear in shopping results.

Like Ford, Musk knew that Tesla could only become a significant player if it were to democratize the electric car.

It is time for new thinking on how to democratize access to capital in ways that remain consistent with our principles.

Jim Gilliam of NationBuilder says his software will "democratize democracy."

Calderon has a clear vision for what it would mean to democratize Torah study in Israel.

The birthers keep pushing for more rhetoric pressure by Obama to democratize Bahrain.

All the old oppressive regulations were repealed and an attempt made to democratize the military system.

We declared to the world that we had only the best intentions toward the Philippines—to democratize them.

It seems as if fate was at work to bewilder and cast down the dignities of the world and democratize society at a blow.

Democratize the state governments, and it will be possible even to change the character of the United States Senate.

So, as the Socialist side is the democratic side, we had better democratize our diplomacy if we desire peace.


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