[ dih-mot-ik ]
/ dɪˈmɒt ɪk /


of or relating to the ordinary, everyday, current form of a language; vernacular: a poet with a keen ear for demotic rhythms.
of or relating to the common people; popular.
of, relating to, or noting the simplified form of hieratic writing used in ancient Egypt between 700 b.c. and a.d. 500.


demotic script.
(initial capital letter) Also called Romaic. the Modern Greek vernacular (distinguished from Katharevusa).


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Origin of demotic

1815–25; < Greek dēmotikós popular, plebeian, equivalent to dēmót(ēs) a plebeian (derivative of dêmos; see demo-) + -ikos -ic Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2020

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British Dictionary definitions for demotic (1 of 2)

/ (dɪˈmɒtɪk) /


of or relating to the common people; popular
of or relating to a simplified form of hieroglyphics used in ancient Egypt by the ordinary literate class outside the priesthoodCompare hieratic


the demotic script of ancient Egypt

Derived forms of demotic

demotist, noun

Word Origin for demotic

C19: from Greek dēmotikos of the people, from dēmotēs a man of the people, commoner; see demos

British Dictionary definitions for demotic (2 of 2)

/ (dɪˈmɒtɪk) /


the spoken form of Modern Greek, now increasingly used in literatureCompare Katharevusa


denoting or relating to this
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