[ den-droh-bee-uh m ]
/ dɛnˈdroʊ bi əm /


any of numerous epiphytic orchids of the genus Dendrobium, native to tropical and subtropical regions of the Eastern Hemisphere, having variously colored, often showy flowers.

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Origin of dendrobium

< New Latin (1799), equivalent to Greek dendro- dendro- + New Latin -bium < Greek -bion, neuter of -bios -lived, having such a life, living on (adj. derivative of bíos life; see bio-) Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

Examples from the Web for dendrobium

  • Among them occur species of Dendrobium, Coelogyne, Cleisostoma, etc.

    The Solomon Islands and Their Natives|H. B. (Henry Brougham) Guppy
  • One of the handsomest genera is Dendrobium, containing many species, mostly natives of Southern Asia and the great islands.

  • Countless are the species of Dendrobium, many those of Laelia; but in each case no other shows this peculiarity.

    The Woodlands Orchids|Frederick Boyle
  • Dendrobium hybrids are among the most numerous and useful as decorative flowers.

    Orchids|James O'Brien