/ (dɪˈnɛbələ) /


the second brightest star in the constellation Leo. Visual magnitude: 2.14; spectral type: A3V

Word Origin for Denebola

from Arabic dhanab al- (asad) tail of the (lion)

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Examples from the Web for denebola

  • The star second in brightness in the constellation of Leo is known as Denebola.

    Astronomy of To-day|Cecil G. Dolmage
  • Denebola, a star of the second magnitude, is in the Lion's tail, twenty-five degrees northeast of Regulus.

    Letters on Astronomy|Denison Olmsted
  • Betelgeuse is 'giant's shoulder,' the giant being Orion; Denebola is 'lion's tail.'

    The Royal Observatory Greenwich|E. Walter (Edwared Walter) Maunder

Word Origin and History for denebola


second-brightest star in Leo, from Latinized corruption of Arabic dhanab al-(asad) "tail of the lion."

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