[ dih-noh-ting ]
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  1. being a name or designation for something; meaning or referring to something: Bertrand Russell initially assumed that every denoting phrase—such as "Scott," "the number two," or "the golden mountain"—had to refer to an actually existing entity.

  2. being a symbol that represents or stands for something: When any design in metal or pottery is registered as copyright, the denoting mark is impressed upon each article as it is made.

  1. being an indicator or sign of something; identifying: The denoting signs of a company in financial distress usually include salary cuts, layoffs, and the resignation of top executives.

  1. the act or fact of naming, representing, indicating, or referring to something by means of a symbol, word, phrase, label, etc.: One thing that helps to standardize the spelling of placenames is the denoting of them by government-erected road signs.

Origin of denoting

First recorded in 1885–90; denot(e) + -ing2 for the adjective senses; denot(e) + -ing1 for the noun sense

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