[ dee-ok-si-kawr-ti-kos-tuh-rohn, -koh-stuh-rohn ]
/ diˌɒk sɪˌkɔr tɪˈkɒs təˌroʊn, -ˌkoʊ stəˈroʊn /


Biochemistry. a steroid hormone, C21H30O3, secreted by the adrenal cortex, related to corticosterone and involved in regulating the water and electrolyte balance.
Pharmacology. a preparation of deoxycorticosterone used to treat symptoms of adrenal insufficiency.

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British Dictionary definitions for deoxycorticosterone


deoxycortone (diːˌɒksɪˈkɔːtəʊn)

/ (diːˌɒksɪˌkɔːtɪkəʊˈstɪərəʊn) /


a corticosteroid hormone important in maintaining sodium and water balance in the body
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Medical definitions for deoxycorticosterone

[ dē-ŏk′sē-kôr′tĭ-kŏstə-rōn′ ]


A steroid hormone produced synthetically or by the adrenal cortex and used to treat adrenal insufficiency.21-hydroxyprogesterone
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