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[ dih-pen-duh-bil-i-tee ]


  1. the quality of being able to be relied on; trustworthiness or constancy:

    How grateful he was for his partner’s calmness and steadfast dependability, carefully managing their affairs year after year.

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Other Words From

  • in·ter·de·pend·a·bil·i·ty noun
  • non·de·pend·a·bil·i·ty noun
  • un·de·pend·a·bil·i·ty noun
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Example Sentences

This does mean you’re going all-in on one brand, so make sure it’s a brand you trust and one with a proven track record of dependability.

DewaltDewalt 20V tools are high-quality machines known for their power and dependability.

Designed for dependability and safety, the best portable generator must be ready to run and easy to operate.

His dependability and stability in net were long staples in Washington, and he was a key member of the team’s run to the Stanley Cup.

Our core values define who we are and how we do our work, so we have a team that’s committed to safety, integrity, passion, resourcefulness, dependability, and fun.

To the legacy qualities were added another: a higher standard of dependability.

And that dependability rested as much on the engines as on the airplane.

When dealing with him in other business ways rely on him and let him know you admire his dependability.

Dependability, honesty, economy, faithfulness and his capacity for finishing what he starts are the strongest points of this type.

You see, he had many attractive qualities, but dependability was not a feature of his equipment.

Wardrop had that after-debauch suspicion of all men, but I think he grasped at me as a dependability.

Non-dependability is fatal, as many a commander would not know how to act, and in war, he who hesitates is lost.