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or de·pend·ance

[ dih-pen-duhns ]


  1. the state of relying on or needing someone or something for aid, support, or the like.
  2. reliance; confidence; trust:

    Her complete reliability earned her our dependence.

  3. an object of reliance or trust.
  4. the state of being conditional or contingent on something, as through a natural or logical sequence:

    the dependence of an effect upon a cause.

  5. the state of being psychologically or physiologically dependent on a drug after a prolonged period of use.
  6. subordination or subjection:

    the dependence of Martinique upon France.


/ dɪˈpɛndəns /


  1. the state or fact of being dependent, esp for support or help
  2. reliance; trust; confidence
  3. rare.
    an object or person relied upon

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Other Words From

  • nonde·pendance noun
  • nonde·pendence noun
  • over·de·pendence noun
  • prede·pendence noun
  • self-de·pendence noun
  • semi·de·pendence noun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of dependence1

1400–50; late Middle English dependaunce < Old French dependance, equivalent to depend ( re ) ( depend ) + -ance -ence
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Example Sentences

Our unprecedented dependence on mail-in voting is precisely why it is important to take a serious look at the security of the process.

From Fortune

Interestingly, Erdogan has an ambition for Turkey to not only eradicate its dependence on energy imports but to become a net exporter of energy, too.

From Fortune

Marketers are once again grumbling about their dependence on Facebook and Google.

From Digiday

Women’s lifestyle magazines haven’t faced as many closures during coronavirus as other niche titles, but there’s still a heavy dependence on print revenues that’s unlikely to return, said independent media consultant Colin Morrison.

From Digiday

The aforementioned dependence on digital devices as a way to interact with other people seems reprehensible now that we don’t even have the in-person option.

The claim of reduced dependence on foreign oil suppliers is also suspect.

This kind of dependence on donors is a broader, older idea of “corruption” than bribery.

The most credible scientific data on wolverine behavior documents an absolute dependence on “persistent spring snow habitat.”

In her talk on Wednesday, Clinton also took credit for weaning several other countries off of their dependence on Iranian oil.

With coal plants on the way out, what you end up with is a power mix with an unprecedented dependence on one fuel.

Allcraft winced, as every syllable made known the speaker's actual strength—his own dependence and utter weakness.

Nor need they live under the same roof, the essential thing is the relation and dependence existing between them.

The question of dependence is one of fact; contributions by the deceased tend to establish this, but are not conclusive.

Confusedly, the young man in the library had made her feel for the first time what might be the sweetness of dependence.

To this day in Servia the popular forms of swearing express dependence and reliance upon the powers of nature.


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