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[ dih-pik-tid ]


  1. represented by or as if by painting or other visual image; portrayed:

    The viewer of this striking painting is lured into the possible narrative of the depicted figure by her beauty, strength, and grace.

  2. represented or characterized in words:

    Subtle cues in the text indicate the tone or stance the author is taking towards the depicted events.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of depict ( def ).

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  • un·de·pict·ed adjective
  • well-de·pict·ed adjective

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Example Sentences

“The Crown” seized the opportunity to depict this foretelling moment in its latest season, tweaking Diana’s response to, “Oh, yes, absolutely” but keeping Charles’s perceived detachment intact.

You’ve got to have a cold heart not to feel touched by the resilience depicted here.

The grievances, obtained via a public records request to the Federal Trade Commission, depict novice investors in over their heads, struggling to understand why they’ve lost money on stock options or had shares liquidated to pay off margin loans.

From Fortune

Situated on Fort Lauderdale Beach, the estate gives guided tours across extensive grounds that depict the Bartlett lifestyle.

A popular caricature of older people depicts them as hopeless with technology, fumbling with remote controls or struggling to navigate the Internet.

From Fortune

For many men, being depicted by Channing Tatum in a film about your life would be a compliment.

The petroleum industry has depicted fracking as a few antiseptic drills dug on peaceful farmland.

Paris as depicted by contemporary photography appears… lackluster.

In reality, prison weddings look nothing like the fairy tales depicted on TV and in bridal magazines.

Mary is rarely just Mary in this selection—she is almost always depicted with her newborn or dead son.

My thoughts had never depicted such a herculean and rude specimen of humanity.

He took part in the conversation and depicted the "typical woman" to Comte Adam Laginski.

The wrath of God, the flames of hell, and the never-ending sufferings of the damned were depicted in clear and terrible language.

Inscriptions are placed above the paintings in order that the letter may explain what the hand has depicted.

The fishing scenes are depicted with all the glow of fancy and brilliantPg 147 word-painting for which Mistral is so remarkable.