[dih-poz-i-tawr-ee, -tohr-ee]
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noun, plural de·pos·i·to·ries.
  1. a place where something is deposited or stored, as for safekeeping: the night depository of a bank.
  2. a depositary; trustee.
  1. of or relating to a depository or depositories: the depository role of a bank.

Origin of depository

1650–60; (def 1) < Medieval Latin dēpositōrium; (def 2) deposit + -ory1 (noun use of adj. suffix)
Related formsnon·de·pos·i·to·ry, adjectivepre·de·pos·i·to·ry, noun, plural pre·de·pos·i·to·ries.sub·de·pos·i·to·ry, noun, plural sub·de·pos·i·to·ries. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2018

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  • Specifically, the Banking Integrity Act would separate commercial (depository) and investment banking companies.

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    Bring Back That Wall!

    Nomi Prins

    December 16, 2009

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noun plural -ries
  1. a store, such as a warehouse, for furniture, valuables, etc; repository
  2. a variant spelling of depositary (def. 1)

Word Origin for depository

C17 (in the sense: place of a deposit): from Medieval Latin dēpositōrium; C18 (in the sense: depositary): see deposit, -ory 1
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Word Origin and History for depository

"place where things are deposited," 1750, from Medieval Latin depositorium, from deposit-, past participle stem of Latin deponere (see deposit (v.)) + -orium (see -ory).

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