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[ dep-ri-key-shuhn ]


  1. the act or process of expressing earnest disapproval:

    Any omissions represent only a lack of information rather than a bias against or deprecation of the omitted product.

  2. the act or process of belittling or disparaging; depreciation:

    The story painfully details the alternating deprecation and outright abuse the author suffered.

  3. the act or process of protesting against something:

    The movie would be funnier if it weren’t predicated on stereotypical male deprecation of the celebration of matrimony.

  4. Computers. the act or process of no longer supporting the use of a function, value, feature, etc., in software, but not removing the capability immediately, so as to allow for continued compatibility for a period of time:

    The software allows for the deprecation of certain features in the long run as they prove to be of less value.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of deprecation1

First recorded in 1550–1560 in a different sense; from Old French, from Latin dēprecātiōn-, stem of dēprecātiō; deprecate ( def )

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Example Sentences

Amazon is hoping to use the identity vacuum Google has opened with its deprecation of the third-party cookie to suck up more business for its own DSP and publisher services.

From Digiday

With the deprecation of third-party cookies, advertisers may turn to first-party data to help them reach customers.

Creating scale on top of first-party data strategies First-party data strategies provide a logical answer to the deprecation of third-party identifiers.

From Digiday

The paid search professionals among us have had a long history of adapting to automation introduced by platforms, dating back to the deprecation of “pure” exact match keywords.

FLoC comes with the deprecation of third-party cookies and puts users into cohorts with similar interests instead of tracking people on the individual level online.

So going into this game against Uruguay, there was none of the usual English self-deprecation.

I looked at parts of it," he says, adding with wry self-deprecation, "I didn't see much benefit in comparing myself to Marlon.

Then, in that interview, the Oscar nominee took the self-deprecation shtick beyond any reasonable expectation.

Laid back and imbued with a healthy sense of self deprecation, Venezuelans occasionally take to the streets to protest.

The demotic self-deprecation barely masks a vast ambition, which is a kind of deception in itself, or an artifice.

"A very minor one then," he said, with deprecation; but tears shone in his dark blue eyes.

Weston looked at her a moment hesitatingly, and then made a little gesture of deprecation.

Then she noticed that he had stopped, and was looking at her in deprecation, and was holding aside the screen of moose-maples.

It might have been in almost compassionate deprecation of this weak note that Mrs. Brookenham looked at him.

As for the Campanian, he raised his hands in voluble deprecation of the apology.