abbreviation for

  1. derivation.
  2. derivative.
  3. derive.
  4. derived.

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Example Sentences

In a recent interview, he told Der Spiegel such pressure on people close to Putin would have no effect.

Van der Sloot said that the “unexpected transfer may affect my mental health,” according to Peruvian press reports.

While van der Sloot may well have been cut in Challapaca, there is no reliable indication that he got stabbed in a prison scrum.

Der Spiegel headlined that speech with: “People of the World, Look at Me.”

Shamsi led the FSA brigade in the Syrian city of Der al Zour, the largest city on the Syria-Iraq border.

The extreme clericals, led by Van der Noot, were opposed by the followers of the advocate Vonck.

Van der Noot had always relied on the hope of foreign intervention.

Another society of note was the still existing and flourishing Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde.

Und you vos go owid on der blains und catch some counterfeiters, hey?

He vos caught Dom py der throat und knock his head py der vall chust so hard like nefer vos!





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