/ (ˌdɜːˈmɛstɪd) /


any beetle of the family Dermestidae, whose members are destructive at both larval and adult stages to a wide range of stored organic materials such as wool, fur, feathers, and meat. They include the bacon (or larder), cabinet, carpet, leather, and museum beetles

Word Origin for dermestid

C19: from New Latin dermestida, from Greek dermēstēs, from derma skin + esthiein to eat
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Examples from the Web for dermestid

  • The Dermestid attack by preference the tendons and the skins of carcases.

    The Insect World|Louis Figuier
  • Most of the other cases on record relate to the larv of Dermestid (larder beetles et al.) or Tenebrionid (meal infesting species).

    Handbook of Medical Entomology|William Albert Riley