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[Spanish de-sah-pah-re-see-th aw; Portuguese de-zah-pah-ri-see-doo; English des-uh-pahr-uh-see-doh]
noun, plural de·sa·pa·re·ci·dos [Spanish de-sah-pah-re-see-th aws; Portuguese de-zah-pah-ri-see-doo s; English des-uh-pahr-uh-see-dohz] /Spanish ˌdɛ sɑˌpɑ rɛˈsi ðɔs; Portuguese ˌdɛ zɑˌpɑ rɪˈsi dʊs; English ˌdɛs əˌpɑr əˈsi doʊz/. Spanish, Portuguese.
  1. one who has disappeared: used, especially in Latin America, in referring to a person who has been secretly imprisoned or killed during a government's program of political suppression.
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