a statement, picture in words, or account that describes; descriptive representation.
the act or method of describing.
sort; kind; variety: dogs of every description.
Geometry. the act or process of describing a figure.

Origin of description

1300–50; Middle English descripcioun < Latin dēscrīptiōn- (stem of dēscrīptiō), equivalent to dēscrīpt(us) (past participle of dēscrībere to describe) + -iōn- -ion
Related formspre·de·scrip·tion, nounre·de·scrip·tion, nounself-de·scrip·tion, noun

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  • He made quite a good picture of you in one of them, drawn from my descriptions.

    In the Valley

    Harold Frederic

  • But you can tell me so much more about them than I can tell you, that why should I tire you with my accounts and descriptions?

    Little Dorrit

    Charles Dickens

  • The descriptions of these old rectory-houses are interesting.

    English Villages

    P. H. Ditchfield

  • Besides this, a great many other descriptions are spun there.

    Bremen Cotton Exchange

    Andreas Wilhelm Cramer

  • Many sermons have been filled with descriptions of celestial or infernal mansions.



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a statement or account that describes; representation in words
the act, process, or technique of describing
sort, kind, or varietyreptiles of every description
geometry the act of drawing a line or figure, such as an arc
philosophy a noun phrase containing a predicate that may replace a name as the subject of a sentence
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late 14c., from Old French description (12c.) and directly from Latin descriptionem (nominative descriptio) "representation, description, copy," noun of action from past participle stem of describere "write down, transcribe, copy, sketch," from de- "down" (see de-) + scribere "write" (see script (n.)).

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see beggar description.

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