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[ des-i-krey-shuhn ]


  1. the act of treating something sacred or solemn in a sacrilegious or disrespectful way:

    Many locals opposed the use of their former church building as a courthouse, feeling that conducting civil matters there would be a desecration of a holy place.

  2. the act of ruining or violating something revered or greatly valued:

    Greedy corporations are contributing to the demise of civilization and the desecration of the ecosystem.

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  • non·des·e·cra·tion noun

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Example Sentences

For the women of Bears Ears, the desecration of Birthing Rock felt like a personal insult to them specifically.

Ida invited me to join her and a group of mothers on Mother’s Day in a sunrise prayer over the desecration of a magnificent panel of petroglyphs called Birthing Rock, near Moab.

Having honed a real talent for dialogue toughened by unspeakable longing, Johnston imbues with tenderness even moments of utter desecration, as in the opening story, which concludes with spitting into a grave.

The physical breaching and desecration of our temple of democracy must never happen again.

From Time

In another context, they’d sing the beauty of our world rather than warn of its desecration.

Christian refugees in southern Turkey tell of rapes, forced conversions to Islam and the desecration of churches.

They are the cultural destruction and desecration by armed extreme Islamic groups that have seized power.

It turns my stomach to write these words, but this is "desecration."

I can think of no greater desecration to the victims of 9/11.

The Tehran and Tabriz bazaars closed briefly on December 16 as a show of protest against the desecration.

That such desecration should be permitted in a civilized country only a century ago indeed seems incredible.

To bring them out only to attend a reception, or a tea party, is a desecration.

The laugh is still, the noise has fled, and the first sound of the skate on the black ice seems almost a desecration.

To have gone other than softly through the living heart of the greenwood must have savoured of desecration.

In order to preserve it from desecration, he adopted it as his family burial plot.


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