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[verb dez-ig-neyt; adjective dez-ig-nit, -neyt]
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verb (used with object), des·ig·nat·ed, des·ig·nat·ing.
  1. to mark or point out; indicate; show; specify.
  2. to denote; indicate; signify.
  3. to name; entitle; style.
  4. to nominate or select for a duty, office, purpose, etc.; appoint; assign.
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  1. named or selected for an office, position, etc., but not yet installed (often used in combination following the noun it modifies): ambassador-designate.
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Origin of designate

1640–50; < Latin dēsignātus, past participle of dēsignāre. See design, -ate1
Related formsdes·ig·na·tive, des·ig·na·to·ry [dez-ig-nuh-tawr-ee, -tohr-ee, dez-ig-ney-tuh-ree] /ˈdɛz ɪg nəˌtɔr i, -ˌtoʊr i, ˌdɛz ɪgˈneɪ tə ri/, adjectivedes·ig·na·tor, nounde·des·ig·nate, verb (used with object), de·des·ig·nat·ed, de·des·ig·nat·ing.non·des·ig·nate, adjectivenon·des·ig·na·tive, adjectivere·des·ig·nate, verb (used with object), re·des·ig·nat·ed, re·des·ig·nat·ing.un·des·ig·nat·ed, adjectiveun·des·ig·na·tive, adjectivewell-des·ig·nat·ed, adjective
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Related Words for designative

denotative, denotive, indicative, referring, denoting, expressed, implying, signifying

British Dictionary definitions for designative


verb (ˈdɛzɪɡˌneɪt) (tr)
  1. to indicate or specify
  2. to give a name to; style; entitle
  3. to select or name for an office or duty; appoint
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adjective (ˈdɛzɪɡnɪt, -ˌneɪt)
  1. (immediately postpositive) appointed, but not yet in officea minister designate
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Derived Formsdesignative or designatory (ˌdɛzɪɡˈneɪtrɪ), adjectivedesignator, noun

Word Origin for designate

C15: from Latin dēsignātus marked out, defined; see design
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Word Origin and History for designative



1640s, from Latin designatus, past participle of designare (see design (v.)).

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As a verb, from 1791, from designate (adj.) or else a back-formation from designation. Related: Designated; designating.

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